• D.O.B: 28/01/1996

  • Height: 6’2”

  • Weight: 182lbs (83kg)



About Me

I have now been training myself for 3 years. At the start I used to research a lot of things on YouTube/google. However, there is a lot of myths still out there about what is the best for muscle growth and fat loss.

It is very daunting for a 17 year old not knowing where to start to step in a gym and try and train not only for enjoyment but for results. I have become obsessed with nutrition and training it is now the thing I most look forward to every day.

For the first 18- 24 months of training I followed a lot of bro splits I didn’t fully understand the biology behind how everything worked. This is why I made the decision to become a personal trainer, I had found my passion and I wanted to turn it into a career.

The course gave me a full understanding of how everything worked and to this day I am still learning new things. The main reason why I have started this website is to reach and help as many people around the world as I can.

Fitness has changed my life and I now want to pass on my experiences and knowledge to change other peoples lives.