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Lean Bulking Guide

Perfect for those who want to put on some lean muscle mass without gaining unnecessary fat!

Product Description

The Lean Bulking Guide includes:

  • How I managed to gain muscle whilst not putting on lots of fat.
  • How you do actually put on muscle mass.
  • What calories are and why they are important in muscle building process.
  • What macros are and why they are important in the muscle building process.
  • How to workout your own calories and macronutrients, so you can be well on your way to gaining some solid muscle.
  • How to track macros and calories.
  • Lots of tasty recipes.
  • A choice of 3 workout plans.
  • A full example day of eating.
  • My tips and tricks as to how I managed to put on muscle without gaining all of the fat.
  • Constant support via email.

The guide will  be available as soon as you make the purchase, click the hyperlink and download the file!

Screenshot the workouts so you always have them at hand!


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